10- 8 Week Challenge Sign UP T&C COVID 19 2021-2022

The PT Studio Wigan are currently operating with our COVID 19 regulations in place. Enhanced cleaning, limited and restricted class numbers and online class bookings at all times.

During the COVID-19 pandemic there may be times in which the gym is forced to close. Such as in the event of a Local or National lockdown. In this instance the gym challenge will go ahead at the anticipated start date.

Since the relaxation of social distancing rules in England from 19th July 2021. The PT Studio Wigan have decided to maintain the procedures with minimal changes to the daily operating of the facility. This means all classes are secured via our booking system and is no overcrowding.

The 8 and 10 week challenge start dates, has a planned in advance. If for any reason we are closed at this time (COVID 19 closure by the government) the challenge will begin as planned under our virtual studio timetable in full force. LIVE classes will be delivered as per the normal timetable.

All 8 or 10 week challenge payments are made according to our COVID 19 terms and conditions. Once booked places are confirmed via a booking fee of £50 (early bird £20 offer for limited time only), they are unable to be cancelled/ moved or exchanged for any other service once booked. This is your commitment to the challenge and removal of a place for sale. The booking fee covers your place on this challenge only.

Final balances are paid prior to the start date as advertised with the challenge. Please note that we are unable to chase individual unpaid payments due to the time incurred to do this. We will post a reminder to our business pages well in advance to prompt and remind. Any places that remain ‘unpaid’ 5 days before the start of the challenge will be released for resale and booking fee’s will be forefit to cover costs of re advertisements , admin fee and cover time needed to resell. No money will be returned.

Early bird ‘book now’ pay in Jan is a limited offer for the 2022 10 week challenge only.

Sign ups are simple.

Simply send the booking fee or full payment also accepted if you wish to take advantage of our discounted price to our business bank account. (We no longer accept PayPal)

Once done – you must let us know you have sent payment so that we can confirm receipt and also provide us with your e-mail address so we can set up your place.

In the event of a Local or National Lockdown, beyond the control of The PT Studio once the challenge has started the challenge will continue ONLINE. The challenge will not be paused/ stopped or exchanged for any other service. The price and serviced included are reflective of this measure. Although this is currently unlikely, we do have an effective service running year round that would accommodate this eventuality.

Monthly Pass Holders

In the event of a lockdown if you have 7 day or more remaining your passes are FROZEN- until gym classes can resume. Once open your pass will begin from the opening date and assume for the month with your remaining allowance. 

As always we appreciate your loyal support as members of The PT Studio during what is a very difficult time through COVID 19. 

Online services- are not affected by the Covid 19 restrictions.