Q?Can I trial the Personal training and classes before joining?
A.Yes your first personal training session is free and when we have a free class trail session day you can attend that free of charge.

Q?Will i feel out of place if i havent exercised for ages?
A.No all fitness levels and abilities are welcome and we will assess and see what you can and cant do.

Q?Why choose the Personal training studio Wigan?
A.We have specialised in personal training, developing and refining our techniques so our customers get the highest quality training. If you want a Personal Trainer you’ll struggle to find a more professional, more experienced or more successful trainer. Our workouts provide intensive support to help you get started, but as you gain confidence we will allow you to take greater control of your own training.

Q?Do I have to sign up for a minimum period/do I have to sign a contract/do I have to pay a membership fee?
A.No. The beauty of the personal training studio wigan is that you can choose to pay for sessions as and when you want them. You could just have one session to see if you like what we do and then walk away with no obligations or commitment. . With our 4 WEEK PROMISE you commit to 10 sessions of training and receive an even greater discount and guaranteed success or your money back. However even with this package, if unforeseen circumstances stopped you from training you would be charged for sessions taken at the prevailing rate.

Q?I hate exercise and find the thought of it is intimidating. Can you help me?
A.Believe it or not, even Personal Trainers don’t always feel like going to the gym! We understand that gyms, exercise classes and sports clubs can be intimidating places. Everyone else seems to know what they’re doing and be impossibly fit, whilst you feel confused and out of place. That’s why we set up a private studio. We train in the privacy of your the studio and we help you take the first steps towards fitness at your pace. We don’t shout at people or force them to do exercises they are uncomfortable with. We have enough experience and expertise to find exercises that suit you and help you succeed.

Q?What qualifications do the Personal Trainers have?
A.All our trainers are fully qualified Personal Trainers with a nationally recognised level three qualification. They also undergo regular in-house and external training to keep their knowledge up to date and develop their training skills. All our trainers are members of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) and accredited by them as level three instructors. REPS was set up by the fitness industry to safeguard the health & interests of people who use exercise instructors, trainers and teachers. For more information go to: www.exerciseregister.org or check out about us page

Q?Why do I need to get fit?
A.Taking regular exercise has been proven to help you live longer and also have a better quality of life. Exercise helps fight stress, depression, obesity, heart disease and many other ailments. Strength training has also been proven to combat osteoporosis so we will incorporate some strength training into your programme. At the personal training studio wigan programmes are designed to fit your lifestyle and achieve your goals, whatever they are.

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