Train like the Spartan Warriors in Wigan!!!

These routines are non-traditional gym routines totally focused on strength and conditioning. If your fed up with the usual boring gym routines and want your training to be exciting, innovative and guaranteed to push you to the max, then perhaps it’s time you tried Spartan Warrior Strength and condtioning classes. We run small and big strength and condtioning group fitness sessions in Wigan at my studio that are worlds away from anything you’ve ever done before and will make you realise just how fit you really are.

We specialise in old-school training techniques cross training and strongman based exercises that you’ve probably always wanted to do but never got the chance to in a fitness centre. We promise to make your workouts as challenging and interesting as possible by using a combination of basic objects such as sandbags, atlas stones, ropes, tyres,kegs, sledge hammers along with specialist equipment like kettlebells, medicine balls and plyo-boxes.

We also use some well known body weight exercises like press-ups, squat-thrusts, burpees and dips, alongside some lesser known but equally effective ones; power jacks and mountain climbers anyone?

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SB Spartan Warrior Strength and condtioning Philosophy

Remember when you was young and exercise was fun, doing things like running, jumping, climbing trees etc…? Well that’s the feeling we want to bring back to your training. At our sessions you get a chance to lift, slam, jump, throw, sprint, swing and drag your way to a new level of fitness. Unlike most conventional gyms, our programmes are designed with a functional approach to fitness.

This means doing the things you’re body was designed to do like running, climbing and lifting (sitting on a a leg curl machine), repeatedly bending and straightening your leg is not what we were put on earth to do, it’s also really boring). By relying on simple pieces of equipment, our bodies are made to work much harder, using far more muscle groups.

Our hardcore workouts will get you not only fitter, but stronger, faster and more explosive than ever before. Our programmes are perfectly aimed at people of all fitness levels, male and female. Whether you are an elite athlete, looking for that edge in a sport, or a complete beginner who simply wants to increase their fitness and lose some weight or maybe pack on some lean muscle, we can help you achieve your goals. All that is required from you is a positive attitude and the mental toughness to keep you going when things get hard, because believe me, it will get hard.

Class Timetable And Fees

Class Times

Monday – Spartan Strength and Condtioning 8.10pm-9.10pm

Wednesday – Spartan Warrior Workout/ Challenge/ Battle 8.10pm-9.10pm


Note: We DO NOT charge a Joining Fee for the Spartan Fitness classes

First Class is 5 pound!

10 classes £30 so works out at £3 a go or £5 pay as you go

Where to find us

We are located at Unit 9 Queen St, Wigan.

You can also pay for Block bookings

Daytime classes

If you can’t make one of our evening classes or would like extra sessions, we can also carry out small group sessions throughout the day. This may be with a few of your own friends or with a group we will put together for you. We can also do female only classes. For more details and prices for smaller classes contact us.

Personal Training private 1-2-1 training

If you’d prefer to train on your own, we also do one-to-one sessions which are catered to your own personal needs. This can be done in my studio or in your garden or home.

Here at SB Spartan Fitness we try and accommodate our customers as best as possible. If through injury or holiday you cannot attend your classes for a given period, let us know and we will do what we can to help you catch up with the classes you have missed. For example, if you go on holiday for two weeks and are paying for one session a week, you can catch up by doing 2 sessions a week for the remainder of the month.


The Personal Trainer Studio- Spartan Warrior Workout from matt burgess on Vimeo.

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